"The world doesn't need another social messaging app!"
Nick Jerrat, founder of Kind Startups

Our mission is to get the word out on social startups, those that are making a difference, or simply giving it a crack! KindUP is a new publishing enterprise founded in November 2016 to inspire the next generation of founders, free-thinkers and social entrepreneurs to build their own social business, creating lasting impact across the globe.

We identify and research the very best of social business startups - those that are innovative, scalable and sustainable.

We visit social businesses around the world to find out the real story and meet their founders. Sometimes, we even lend a hand, through our parent company www.ideabank.com.au

What is a social business?

A social business or social enterprise aims to fulfill a social goal or cause for the benefit of society, on behalf of its stake-holders. A social business can take many forms of organisation and business structure.

A social business is focused on being self sustainable over the long term, meaning it attempts to operate in a market without making losses, so investment, charity or grants are not needed. A social business may often operate using the same approaches as a profit-seeking company; for example by finding a niche, and providing a product or service that meets a consumer need. A social business may simply attempt to break even, so products and services may be made available to the most number of users at the lowest possible price. Another approach would be to charge what the market can support, but put profits back into the business, so expansion may occur, serving more consumers and benefiting society.  The goal is not typically to make the founders and investors rich, but to further the social cause.

Who is a Social Entrepreneur?

There could be many possible definitions! We like to define a social entrepreneur as a person who builds a disruptive buisness with the goal of helping others through solving social problems.

They will typically do this in a unique or innovative way, with the goal of identifying a successful model for scaling the business in a self sustaining way.

Very much like a regular entrepreneur might do, with a profit-maximising business.

Social entrepreneurs are often attracted to fields where they can provide great value to humanity, often tackling problems that address need in water, food, education, health, environment and ICT access.

Isn't a social business the same as a NGO (non-government organisation) or a NFP (not-for-profit)?

There is a great deal of overlap between structures, definitions and goals of organisations that are doing good for people.

A social business may be a not-for-profit organisation, but it is rarely a charity or fund raising organisation.

It typically setup to operate over the long-term by serving a market need, much like a profit maximising business would do.

The goal of a social business is to be self-sustaining, without the need for ongoing support as part of the business model.

A charity, for example must fund-raise or secure public grants to continue operation.

Social enterprises will typically blend revenue goals from products/services with non-profit goals that generate a positive benefit to society.

We welcome feedback on our definitions to refine this page!